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Alfred 2.0.2
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  • 4.86842/5
  • Обновлено:
  • Требования: 10.6
  • productivity

Что нового

  • Improved app discovery and caching allowing for apps such as iPhone Simulator to be found if folder added to search scope
  • Improved 'Browse in Alfred' workflow action, now allowing for more control over which folder is browsed
  • iTunes keywords now available in Alfred's default results, if enabled in Alfred's iTunes > Keywords preferences
  • Flatten app cache search string for more reliable internationalised app searching such as Russian
  • Fully resolve symlinks in Alfred.alfredpreferences path which prevented preferences not being saving in certain scenarios
  • Add error reporting to Alfred's preferences when a preference can't be saved for better user feedback
  • Only enable the clipboard merge preferences if Alfred's clipboard history is enabled to prevent confusion
  • Make {query} work in the script filter placeholder fields as they do in keyword / custom search fields for consistency
  • Add selected theme to the 'not synced' info text in advanced prefs (allows for different theme per Mac)
  • Search by phonetic names in the contacts searcher for better internationalised support
  • Don't show the 'no update data available' warning on a background auto-update check
  • Clean up unnecessary data in the app support folder when it is no longer needed
  • Remove lightening bolt text from iTunes prefs as this is no longer in v2
  • Clean up previous main results when switching from a typed query to a ' query in a single shot
  • Make keyword optional when saving a snippet, as it's not really needed (as per v1)
  • Better main app icon without aliasing at certain icon sizes
  • Escape $ in the copy to / move to actions
  • Escape ()[] in 'Open Terminal Here' action

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  • Alfred 2.0.2
  • Alfred 2.0.2
  • Alfred 2.0.2
  • Alfred 2.0.2
  • Alfred 2.0.2