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ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096
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  • 5.0/5
  • Обновлено:
  • Требования: OS X 10.7.3
  • Photography

Что нового

1. Brand-new user interface
2. Enables lossless crop of your photos
3. Adds 3D slideshow to display photos with dynamic effects
4. Supports setting Photo+ as your default photo viewer
5. Selected favorite pictures are marked with a heart icon in the photo bin
6. Supports keeping the window always on top
7. Adds a recommend to friends option
8. Adds a rate option

A simple and speedy photo viewer that doesn't require importing
Photo+, with speedy image display and full support for popular image formats, helps avoid repetitive selection by showing all the photos in a folder when you drag a single photo into Photo+.

Speedy Mac Photo Viewer
* Retina Display support
* Click one photo in Finder to display all photos in the same folder without importing them
* Easily browse through photos and zoom photos using trackpad gestures or the keyboard
* Batch resizes selected photos to a specified size instantly
* Easily pick your favorite photos for viewing, saving and sharing
* Rotate, flip and delete photos while browsing
* Fully compatible with more than 35 formats including RAW files and animated GIF


Mac Gems: Photo+ simplifies and streamlines photo viewing
By Jackie Dove from www.macworld.com
Photo+ stands out as an alternative to iPhoto or Preview thanks to its faster viewing and built-in options for sharing photos to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter…If you need to quickly look at a photo collection, devoting your full attention to viewing images, Photo+ is a good app at a nice price.

Photo+, A Lightning-Fast Photo Browser App
By Charlie Sorrel from CultofMac.com
Sometimes all you want to do is flip through a folder full of photos, maybe cropping a few of them and deleting the worst ones. That's exactly what ArcSoft's new Photo+ for OS X is for.

A New Photo Tool Worth Watching 9/10
By Tucker Cummings from tapscape.com
This beautifully designed Mac App allows users to efficiently browse through a folder or drive with thousands of photos…and do it at a price that won't knock the wind out of you.


Stunning Retina display
* Fully supports Retina display
* Unlike some non-Retina apps that have their graphical assets upscaled, Photo+ makes your pictures come to life with extreme detail

Efficient display
* View photos full-screen or as a slideshow
* Just drag or drop a single photo into Photo+, and all photos in this folder will be shown automatically
* Rotates photos to the proper orientation automatically
* Use the left and right arrow keys or slide two fingers to switch images. Zoom in and out with up and down arrow keys or by using a pinch gesture

Full Screen View
* View photos full-screen or as a slideshow
* Enhance the slideshow by adding music and 13 kinds of classic transitions including fade, page turn, ripple and more
* Manually adjust slide duration from 1 to 5 seconds
* Convenient thumbnail strip for an overview of your photos

Easy to pick, share, and print photos
* Easily pick photos while browsing. Display them separately in a slideshow, and save them as your favorites
* Select multiple photos for further processing, saving and sharing from the My Favorites folder
* Share photos with friends on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as iPhoto and email
* Conveniently print while viewing photos

Useful tools
* Clearly organize photo order by name or modification date
* Batch resize selected photos to a specified size instantly
* Enables lossless crop of photos while viewing

  • ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096
  • ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096
  • ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096
  • ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096
  • ArcSoft Photo+ 2.0.90096