CloudPull 2.5
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  • 4.33333/5
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.7.5
  • Utilities

What's New

Version 2.5:

  • The CloudPull main window now has an Export button, allowing you to export all of your current backup files for an account to a folder on your Mac.
  • This update adds improvements that result in much faster backups.
  • CloudPull now uses web-based login (OAuth) to log in to your Google accounts.
  • Google Drawings are now backed up as SVG files instead of PNG files.
CloudPull seamlessly backs up your Google account to your Mac. It supports Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). By default, the app performs backups every hour, and maintains old point-in-time snapshots of your accounts for 90 days.

CloudPull allows you to back up a single account for free. For $14.99 (USD), you can upgrade to get premium features including:
  • Support for up to ten Google accounts
  • The ability to run CloudPull as a background app
  • The ability to store your backup files in an alternate
  • CloudPull 2.5
  • CloudPull 2.5
  • CloudPull 2.5
  • CloudPull 2.5
  • CloudPull 2.5