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Cookie 3.0.18
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  • 4.5/5
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.6.8
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What's New

fixed switching tabs with hotkeys when tabs have been rearranged
fixed some restart at login issues

Protect your online privacy!
you could be unknowingly giving third parties access to your personal information, browsing history and surfing habits.

Data can be stored on your computer without you even knowing in a multitude of different formats, and different places: Cookies, Flash Cookies, Silverlight Isolated Storage, Databases and local Storage, browser caches, and your browsing history.

Cookie scans your computer for ALL types of Cookies, from all the top browsers, and is easily configured to remove all unwanted/tracking-advertising cookies. Cookie is super easy to use, just configure it once, and take control of your sensitive personal information. Cookie can also be configured to clear all browser caches, and browser history giving you added peace of mind.

Most websites you visit will leave a small file called a 'cookie' on your computer to store information about you, and store any relevant site preferences. Most of the time this is fine, however some sites use this information to track your surfing habits for profiling/advertising purposes and more....

Flash Cookies:
Flash Cookies, can potentially be even more insidious, as they can store up-to 25x more information (100Kb) than regular cookies. Flash Cookies can even be used to restore regular cookies, long after the original cookie has been deleted.

Silverlight Cookies are similar to Flash Cookies.

Databases/Local Storage:
Databases, and Local Storage are generally more innocuous, and are used mainly by web applications to store data.

Cookie, helps you to manage exactly who can access information about your online activities, all in one convenient location.

With a clear and intuitive interface, Cookie is a must have application for anyone serious about protecting their personal information.

After an initial simple setup, Cookie requires minimal effort to keep your computer clear from unwanted data-mining.

*Cookie is optimised to manage data from Safari 5.1+, WebKit, Chrome 10+, Chromium 10+, Camino 2.1+, Firefox 4+, Opera 15+.

  • Cookie 3.0.18
  • Cookie 3.0.18
  • Cookie 3.0.18
  • Cookie 3.0.18
  • Cookie 3.0.18