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NZBVortex 2.10.2
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.6
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What's New

This release fine-tunes the 2.10 release - fixing issues and adding small features.

• Batch adding NZBs might cause skipped par2 files to disappear
• Add support for RSS feeds from www.nzb-rss.com
• Improved memory usage of yEnc decoder
• Improve quit speed - optimise stopping threads
• Support spaces in cleanup expressions
• Selected search engine not restored after restart if it's a newznab search engine
• Make password lock clickable on NZB progress view which opens Set password view
• Update LetsMove to version 1.8

A functioning usenet account is required to use usenet. Your Internet Provider may provide one.

The small and efficient NZB client for OSX, optimized for performance and ease of use. A usenet client which really takes the pain out of usenet download the most efficient way.

Some of our key features:
• Robust, easy to use and powerful
• Fully native Mac application using latest technologies
• WebUI for remote control via internet or iPad
• The smartest Junk detection - never download junk again
• The best and smartest post processing
• Full multi server, multi connection and SSL support
• Integrated usenet search, multiple engines
• Minimized download size (selective par2, sample skip etc)
• Par2 check and repair, including fast SmartCheck fast par2
• Uncompress, Cleanup, Join
• Password checks the downloads
• RSS for auto and easy show downloads
• Very low CPU, Memory and Disk IO usage
• much much more

NZBVortex is very feature complete and extremely tuned for optimal download speeds and minimal system usage. A real set-and-forget download application: add a NZB and NZBVortex will take care of the rest.

  • NZBVortex 2.10.2
  • NZBVortex 2.10.2
  • NZBVortex 2.10.2