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Scrutiny 4.4.1
Download (3.61 MB)

What's New

Adds validation to sitemap ftp server field. Adds the ftp:// scheme if not present or replaces http:// with ftp:// (the reason for some support issues)

- Improve your website's quality, SEO and user experience
- Checks internal and external links as well as images
- Fast scan with many options, progress displayed via dock icon
- Highlights problems in colour, double-click for further information
- Many export options including full report, xml sitemap, graphic visualisation
- Checks your html using the w3c html validator; the public instance or your own installation
- SEO analysis of a page such as occurrences of keywords or missing page title, meta description, headings and keywords. Also highlighting of possible duplicates (same page, different url)
- Manages as many sites as you like with different settings for each
- Retina screens supported

Feed Scrutiny your homepage URL and watch it follow internal links to find all of your pages and carry out these checks from the same viewpoint as a search engine robot.

Scrutiny stores a lot of data and can only use the memory available to it. There have been big performance improvements since v4 but if your site is big enough (many thousand pages) Scrutiny may not be able to crawl it in one go. For tips on crawling it in sections, please see Scrutiny's FAQ page.

  • Scrutiny 4.4.1
  • Scrutiny 4.4.1
  • Scrutiny 4.4.1