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TotalFinder 1.4.18
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  • 4.50762/5
  • Updated at:
  • Requirements: OS X 10.7
  • Utilities

What's New

Version 1.4.18:

  • [New] Ported some plugins under OS X 10.9 Mavericks: FoldersOnTop, DockProgressBar, ColumnViewAutoWidth and SystemFiles.
  • [New] Crash logs include TotalFinder-specific info if available.
  • [Fixed] Fixed occasional crashes with enabled column-view auto-width feature.
  • [Fixed] Fixed remaining installation issues.
  • [Fixed] Fixed occasional crash when rendering Dock progress bar.
  • [Fixed] Fixed occasional problem with Cut menu item under Edit menu. It showed "Copy" and CMD+X keyboard shortcut did not work anymore.
  • [Improved] Cut-Copy-Paste context menu buttons resize properly with localized names.
  • [Improved] Updated French and Turkish localizations.
TotalFinder is a universally acclaimed navigational companion for your Mac. Enhance your Mac's Finder with features so smart and convenient, you won't believe you ever lived without them.

Tab-based interface
Say goodbye to scattered, disorganized Finder windows. TotalFinder merges everything into a workflow-friendly, tab-based layout.

System-wide access
With TotalFinder, convenience is key: With the stroke of a hot-key, it's available instantly, system-wide.

Helpful tweaks
  • TotalFinder 1.4.18