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Flutter 0.7.12
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  • 4.5/5
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  • Требования: Built-in Web cam
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Что нового

Fixes OSX 10.6 crashes.

Flutter is Kinect for OS X.

It uses HAND GESTURES detected via built-in webcam in your device to play, pause and skip songs & videos in iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Quicktime, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark.
- Play/Pause your music & videos using simple hand gestures (palm gesture)
- Go to Next Song (thumbs right) or rewind to Previous Song (thumbs left) (Note: First thumbs left gesture takes you to beginning of song. Another thumbs left performed quickly jumps to the previous song)
- Works via your webcam -- no additional hardware necessary
- Works best from 1-6 feet distance from webcam
- Works even when Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, and other apps are playing music/video in the background or are minimized

In case of App Crash, please write to us at wave@flutterapp.com.

Coming Soon
- Volume Gestures!
- Additional gestures in the work: Like Songs, Mute, Volume Control

Enabled Apps: Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, MPlayerX (most recent version), Quicktime, VLC (more recent version), Ecoute, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark!

Please email to wave@flutterapp.com feature/app requests and any feedback that you may have. We promise to get back to you!

  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12
  • Flutter 0.7.12