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FotoMagico 4 4.5
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  • 5.0/5
  • Обновлено:
  • Требования: OS X 10.9 or later
  • Photography

Что нового

• CHANGED: FotoMagico 4.5 now requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer and a 64bit capable Mac.
• NEW: FotoMagico can now handle 4K content.
• NEW: New 4K presets were added in the New… and Settings… dialogs. Older small resolutions were eliminated.
• NEW: YouTube export now supports 4K uploading.
• NEW: The Info panel now displays additional info for movies.
• FIX: Saving or exporting slideshows to external harddisks is now more reliable.
• FIX: Audio waveforms are now displayed correctly for audio with sample rates other than 44.1 kHz.
• FIX: When closing slideshows with titles, you are no longer required to do a full save if you haven't added any new media files to the slideshow.
• FIX: Fixed a bug where very narrow images (smaller than 4 pixels) didn't show up during playback or export.
• FIX: Fixed an obscure issue where slides after a cut transition sometimes didn't show up in exported slideshows.
• FIX: Anamorphic exporting in the DVD export plugin now works correctly again.
• FIX: Some Macs mistakenly reported inadequate graphics cards for running FotoMagico. This should no longer happen.
• FIX: Fixed some export problems in "Custom Video".
• FIX: Various small fixes.

"An impressive overhaul that opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for amateur and pro shutterbugs alike and it's cheaper than ever." – MacLife, Rating 5/5 "Awesome"

"FotoMagico 4 will make it's money back for you in final product quality and time saved after just a few slideshows." – TechnologyTELL, Rating 5/5

"You'll love FotoMagico 4. It's easy and intuitive to use, and even for casual users, it can produce stunning results." – MyMac.com, Rating 9/10

"It takes only a few minutes to realize that FotoMagico is the brainchild of a photographer, not an app developer looking to make a quick buck." – Mac360°

Crafted by photographers for photographers, award-winning FotoMagico is the slideshow tool of choice for thousands of photographers. Turn your pictures and movies into a powerful story with a few simple clicks and present it live in high resolution or share it in a variety of formats, including on your iPad, iPhone, website or a DVD with your customers or peers.

FotoMagico 4 is easy to learn and easy to use because, as a photographer, you want to focus on the images, not the tool. You can achieve impressive results very quickly, and your slideshows are presented in the best possible quality whatever output method you choose. With brilliant transitions, layers, titles, music, narration and sound effects, FotoMagico 4 gives you the creative tools to create a magical slideshow immediately.

In the new version 4, your creative possibilities have greatly been enhanced with the addition of up to 6 layers of photos, videos or titles which can be animated independently. The audio can now be displayed as a waveform which lets you sync sound and images more accurately. You can create template shows to get your work done even faster. And your slideshows look even more brilliant on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Apple Design Award 2008 Best Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and Media Application Runner-Up
Best Creative Application 2007, MacGeneration Trophées
Apple Design Award 2006 Best Mac OS X User Experience Runner-Up

More Voices:
"FotoMagico 4 is magical (pun intended). There is little doubt that this application is the most polished slideshow creation tool for the Mac." – Mark Greentree, MacObserver
"This is a killer slide show Mac App that comes with complete control for super professional presentations." – Michael James, Five Blue Kings
"This is the slideshow software I will be using for my classroom, school, and home. I didn\'t know I needed it, and now I wouldn\'t do a slideshow without it." – Kelly Croy, Wired Educator

  • FotoMagico 4 4.5
  • FotoMagico 4 4.5
  • FotoMagico 4 4.5
  • FotoMagico 4 4.5
  • FotoMagico 4 4.5