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GraphicConverter 8.8
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  • Требования: OS X 10.6.8
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Что нового

New features:
• added display of XMP faces
• copy and move in the browser copy xmp sidecar files in addition to the photoraw file automatically
• added "Force Save All To…" command
• added "Show files and folders" and "Show files only" to filter popup in the browser
• added support for Photoshop plugins which does contain more than one plugin
• added sort by exif date feature to browser, convert & modify and slideshow
• added option to apply gpx without interpolation
• added New Image with URL from Clipboard command
• added control to modify the space between the images and metadata during print catalog
• added export of EXIF data to Photoshop files
• added copy flat function to convert and modify
• added display of last opened/saved batch to convert and modify window
Updated features
• increased the eraser size to 50
• updated image capture support to latest technology
• added I key to slideshow to edit iptc data
• added multipage support to HTML catalog creation
• added option to display combined histogram in levels dialog
• drag and drop in browser will automatically select next item
• added lowercase extension option to rename dialog
• added option to create quicktime movie for each folder in batch conversion
updated pdf sdk
• improved import of some special 16 bit per channel TIFFs
• improved base64 decoding
• improved gpx file handling (added double click support to the finder)
• added progress bar to apply gpx command
• improved import of exif data from Photoshop files
• improved reposition option

GraphicConverter is the universal tool for browsing, enhancing and converting images and for creating catalogs for the Web or for printing. Simply drag a folder onto GraphicConverter to view your pictures.

The slide show for viewing and sorting images is a big hit among users. Use standard tools to edit images or click the oval button on an image window to display the most important controls in the window.

Professional users love GraphicConverter because of its wide range of functions for handling meta data like EXIF, IPTC, XMP and GPS. Want to copy the filename into the IPTC description? GraphicConverter will take care of this for you.

You can open over 200 graphic file types and save images in over 80 formats. A simple multiple conversion mode takes care of batch runs. Want to use a batch function to alter the image size or change the color mode to CMYK? Dozens of batch functions are available.

GraphicConverter has everything you would expect from a versatile image processing application for your Mac. Simple usage and far-reaching options await you along with stability and reliability.

In the press, GraphicConverter has been described as a “Swiss Army knife” and as an “all-round wizard for image editing on Macs”.

•Image browser
•Slide show
•Image editing and enhancement
•File format conversion with batches
•Professional options for meta data and filters
•and much more ...

- users with network volumes (NAS) should follow the instructions under optimize in the help menu to speed up the access
- please contact our support team by e-mail with any questions and comments

  • GraphicConverter 8.8
  • GraphicConverter 8.8
  • GraphicConverter 8.8