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Hider 2 2.0
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  • 3.5/5
  • Обновлено:
  • Требования: OS X 10.8
  • Utilities

Special release discount: 50% off for a limited time (regular price $19.99).

Make your private data private. Hider 2 lets you hide, encrypt, and password protect private data on your Mac, making it impossible to find with Finder or Spotlight. It has custom grouping, global shortcut keys, and an array of other organizational features that make keeping track of your hidden data a piece of cake.

It’s incredibly secure.
• Each and every file you hide is AES-256 encrypted.
• Keeps your data locked up and password protected.
• Hide data on an external drive for an extra layer of security.

Stay hidden and organized.
• Create custom file groups to keep your data categorized.
• Finder tags are imported into the app to make organization simple.
• Hide entire folders instead of selecting tons of individual files.
• Write down confidential data into an encrypted, in-app Secure Note.

Accessible to you (and only you).
• Access recently hidden items directly from your menu bar.
• Do a full app search among all your hidden files within the app.
• Instantly lock the app or hide of all your files with global shortcut keys.
• Hide your confidential data directly from a Finder window.

Download Hider 2 now and never again worry about your private data going public.

  • Hider 2 2.0
  • Hider 2 2.0
  • Hider 2 2.0
  • Hider 2 2.0
  • Hider 2 2.0