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QLab 3.0.17
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Version 3.0.17:

  • A bug that could cause camera cues to quit unexpectedly.
  • Pass time to Quartz compositions from camera cues.
  • Smart quotes (new in 10.9) are now replaced by dumb quotes for script cues, because AppleScript barfs on them. (Of course it does, it's AppleScript, why be reasonable when you can fail mysteriously for dumb reasons.)
  • Optimize loading to reduce the time it takes to load audio and video cues.
  • Slightly delay auto-loading of the next cue sequence, to improve response times when starting cues.
  • A subtle bug in the precedence of load operations; fixes some unusual pre-loading scenarios on a sequence of cues.
  • A multitouch bug that could cause phantom changes in a draggable text field that has keyboard focus.
  • A bug that could cause certain kinds of devamp cue sequences to fail, e.g. a series of devamp cues that each trigger the next.
  • When capturing a MIDI Voice Message, only listen for messages on the MIDI channel specified in the workspace settings.
  • Update the error message on the script cue inspector when it runs, in case that is the first time we've noticed an error (e.g., when previewing the cue).
  • Don't live-preview a fade when changing the fade cue's target or duration.
  • When zooming in/out on an audio waveform, anchor the zoom on the mouse location if the mouse is in the view.
  • Ask for confirmation if you try to quit while a cue is currently running.
  • Transparent background option for Syphon output.
QLab provides live show control for your Mac. Create media designs for theatre, dance, composition, installation, and more. Play back audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace.
  • QLab 3.0.17