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Tadam 1.2
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  • 4.0/5
  • Обновлено:
  • Требования: 10.7
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Что нового

  • Tadam icon now blinks when the timer is paused (so that you don't forget to resume it)
  • Easily make Tadam launch when you log in to your Mac
  • You can set a hotkey to take a peek at how much time is left without touching the mouse
  • Lots of small improvements and bug fixes under the hood

Tadam is a simple pomodoro timer that stays out of your way and lets you get the work done.

  • Simple: Few buttons, few features and no configuration. The simpler the better for your productivity.
  • At your fingertips: Tadam lives in the status bar, so its always just a click away.
  • Out of the way: Glance at the icon and you already have a sense of how much time is left. Pretty cool.

You know that feeling when youre really focused on something, the timer rings and you need just one or two more minutes to finish that little thing? 

In Tadam, when the time runs out, it doesnt immediately ring. Instead, the app icon starts pulsing, so you know you need to hurry up.

  • Tadam 1.2
  • Tadam 1.2
  • Tadam 1.2