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Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5
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• Changes required to keep app working when Twitter changes API in March 2013

Twitterrific is the friendly Twitter client that's beautiful to look at and incredibly intuitive for new users, yet peppered with deep features for advanced tweeters. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, view multiple accounts, search Twitter.com, filter message types and much more. If you're already familiar with the award-winning Twitterrific for iPhone or iPad, then you'll be right at home on the Mac.
  • Simple to use, easy to understand
  • Consistent and clear interface across platforms
  • True multi-account/multi-window support
  • View mentions, messages and favorites quickly and easily
  • View Twitter trends, searches and lists
  • Browse conversation threads between users
  • Translate tweets to your native language
  • Helpful color-coding of tweets
  • In-app picture viewing for supported services like Instagram, plixi & more
  • Tweet actions including email tweet, replies to author & others
  • Collapsible sidebar for quick access to timelines, searches and trends
  • Theme control (light or dark)
  • Font size control
  • URL shortening
  • Instapaper support
  • Cloud.app support
  • Reply all (by default)
  • Picture and video uploading
  • Fully customizable toolbar
  • Robust keyboard control
  • View user profiles, including large avatars and other details
  • Follow, unfollow, block & report spammers easily
  • Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5
  • Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5
  • Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5
  • Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5
  • Twitterrific for Twitter 4.5